Budgets and Expenses

Education in Bangalore may costly affair as compared to other cities and it is also depend on the colleges and courses you have selected. it is always batter to prepare your budget before you start your journey.

       Expenses are all characterized in different heads:  

 Admission Fees

                                 Colleges expenses

                                       hostel expenses

                                           Food expenses 

                                                  study expenses

                                                      miscellaneous Expenses

College Expenses:

This is the most important part before start your journey,the average tuition fees for engineering colleges in Bangalore per year is about 1, 37, 500 the final amount charged by the college can verify from different college to college.

The colleges also charged various fees under this head like admission fees, regulatory fees, trust fees development fees, admin fees and several others, it is totally depend on the colleges,

Bangalore division college:

In Bangalore the engineering colleges may divided in three heads: 

Expensive Colleges:This colleges are top colleges in their respective fields.

Mid-tier colleges: Most of the Karnataka colleges fall under this category this colleges is very affordable for outstation Candidates 

Budget colleges: the remaining colleges fall under this category. Bus student should aware before taking admission in this kind of colleges as low cost because this college may new or may be improper Infrastructure or quality of education as compared to other colleges and most important that this kind college have proper approval or not.

Hostel / accommodation

the cost of living all depend on the living standard of the candidate or student, but there is an basic charge that college is charging is minimum 2,500 to maximum 8,000 per month include hostel food and if student wants to stay in paying guest ( PG ) then it will cost around 6,000 10,000 per month includes food, ans student also stay by renting an apartment or individual house and also with group of their friends that will cost less.

Food expenses:

The hostel charges is included the food cost but if student want to eat out side or mess then they can book any mess near to their hostel where they will get homemade food in monthly charges at less cost.

Study materials:

The students can bye books from college itself or they can bye book from outside the college, there are so many book shops is in Bangalore but there is huge book market in Bangalore is in  avenue  road where candidate will get new as well as second hand book at good price.

Travel Expenses:

Travel expense all depend on the students how frequent they are thy can travel by train or bus or by flite, train station is Bangalore city railway station neat to majestic, bust top is BMTC the most popular and local travelling way to reach any destination with in Bangalore. it will cost 10,000 per year or if he want to frequently travel then they can aware the facility of student pass which cost app 1,500 per year.

miscellaneous Expenses:

Other expenses like cloth, parties, travel all cost around RS 50000 per year all depend on student how they are spending their life in this city Bangalore.


6 thoughts on “Budgets and Expenses

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  2. Ravish Ranjan

    Sir I want to take admission in CSE in RVCE or MSRIT or PESIT through management quota. Please tell me how much is the Management Quota fees for CSE in these top colleges. Thank You


  3. go for mvj or RNS college of engineering


  4. 9535692031


  5. Please send me your contact details..


  6. Am able to pay 1.5 lahk for first year then 1 lahk per year so please please please please please please please please please please please please please please tell me which college is able to me And we r from village side so please inform


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