C.S I.S All Engineering Admission Through The Management Quota in RV College of Engineering Bangalore Karnataka.

About College:

RV college of engineering Bangalore was Set up in 1963 with three building branches, in particular, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil, today RV College offers 21 Master Degree programs, 12 Under Graduate Engineering programs, and Doctoral Studies. Located 13 km from the core of Bangalore City – the Silicon Valley of India, on Mysore Road. Sprawling grounds spread over a territory of 52 sections of land set in sylvan surroundings. Provides a perfect mood to fortify the instructing learning process, helping in bringing out talented and taught Engineers. Appraised one among the best ten self-financing Engineering Institutions in the nation. Current yearly understudy consumption for Undergraduate Programs and Post Graduate Programs in Engineering is an overabundance of 1200. Profoundly qualified and devoted staff. Uses its ability in different orders to lead Research and Development for Industry and Defense foundations in the nation.
Admission to RV College of Engineering Bangalore is conducted every year, and students can contact us: +91-6361408761/+91-9886439555.

Courses and Fees:

 Aerospace Engineering                                                4,00,000/-
 Biotechnology                                                                3,00,000/-
 Chemical Engineering                                                  3,00,000/-
 Civil Engineering                                                           4,50,000/-
 Computer Science And Engineering                          7,50,000/-
 Electronics and Communication Engineering         5,00,000/
 Electrical And Electronics Engineering                    4,00,000/-
 Information Science Engineering                              5,00,000/-
 Instrumentation Technology                                      3,00,000/-
 Mechanical Engineering                                             6,00,000/-
 Telecommunication Engineering                              3,00,000/-

For more details contact – +91-6361408761/91-9886439555

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