Management / Nri / Foreign Quota MS Ramaiah Institute Of Technology, Bangalore

About College:

Mathikere Sampangi Ramaiah was born on 20 April 1922, in Madhugiri to Sampangappa and Narasamma. He had his early education completed in Mathikere, which was then in the outskirts of Bangalore city and moved on to agriculture due to the paucity of funds. Later he went to work for the Indian railways for a period of two years. He later ventured into the job of a contractor and started off as a supplier of bricks for military camps in Bangalore during World War II. His success in the field of civil works was marked by the construction of some of the major projects in the state such as the canals of the Ghataprabha Project, Talakalale Dam and also the Dharma Project.

In 1962, Ramaiah established the Gokula Education Foundation, which marked the beginning of Ramaiah Institute of Technology. In 1979, the M. S. Ramaiah Medical College was set up and as a requisite for medical education, the M. S. Ramaiah Technical Hospital was founded. With a vision of a multi-specialty center, the M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Nephro–urology, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Oncology and M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Cardiology was set up; the founding of M. S. Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital in 1985 added on to his list of milestones. Admission to MS Ramaiah Institute Of Technology Bangalore is conducted every year, and students can contact us: +91-6361408761/+91-9886439555.



Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science And Engineering

Electrical Electronics Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Industrial Engineering and Management

Mechanical Engineering

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering

Information Science

Medical Electronics

For more details contact – +91-6361408761/91-9886439555

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