RV College of Engineering Bangalore Admission Through the Management Quota Karnataka 2019-2020

About College:-

Rv college of Engineering is the best college for engineering. RV college of engineering Bangalore was Set up in 1963 with three building branches, in particular, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil, today RV College offers 21 Master Degree programs, 12 Under Graduate Engineering programs, and Doctoral Studies. Located 13 km from the core of Bangalore City – the Silicon Valley of India, on Mysore Road. Sprawling grounds spread over a territory of 52 sections of land set in sylvan surroundings. Provides a perfect mood to fortify the instructing learning process, helping in bringing out talented and taught Engineers. Appraised one among the best ten self-financing Engineering Institutions in the nation. Current yearly understudy consumption for Undergraduate Programs and Post Graduate Programs in Engineering is an overabundance of 1200. Profoundly qualified and devoted staff. Uses its ability in different orders to lead Research and Development for Industry and Defense foundations in the nation.

For more details contact – +91-6361408761


Leadership in Quality Technical Education, Interdisciplinary Research & Innovation, with a Focus on Sustainable and Inclusive Technology


  • To deliver outcome-based Quality education, emphasizing on experiential learning with the state of the art infrastructure.
  • To create a conducive environment for interdisciplinary research and innovation.
  • To develop professionals through holistic education focusing on individual growth, discipline, integrity, ethics and social sensitivity.
  • To nurture industry-institution collaboration leading to competency enhancement and entrepreneurship.
  • To focus on technologies that are sustainable and inclusive, benefiting all sections of society.
  • To concentrate on advancements that are practical and comprehensive, profiting all areas of the general public.

Academic profile

All the engineering departments and the college of architecture are accredited by the AICTE and the National Board of Accreditation.


Understudies are admitted to college classes on a premise of their legitimacy in the COMED-K undergrad test or in the Karnataka CET test. Understudies are additionally conceded through an administration portion, which does not put justify necessities. There is a sidelong section conspire to set up, by which understudies holding certificate degrees can enter specifically to the second year of concentrate in designing.

Understudies are admitted to postgraduate courses on the premise of their GATE test scores and in addition to their Post Graduate Karnataka CET scores.

Course content and Grading

Every one of the divisions which have been presented independent status set their own course substance and reviewing framework. RV College of Engineering Bangalore takes after the credit-based arrangement of execution assessment, with the relative weighting of courses in view of their significance. The aggregate imprints (normally out of 100) frame the premise of evaluations, with review esteem (out of 10) allocated to the scope of imprints. For every semester, the understudies are evaluated by taking a weighted normal from every one of the courses with their particular credit focuses. Every semester’s assessment is done autonomously with an aggregate review point normal (CGPA) mirroring the normal execution crosswise over semesters. The medium of direction is English.


RV college of engineering Bangalore has been perceived as an inside of magnificence by the Union Government of India. In 2008, the school had the most elevated number of gold decoration champs among schools subsidiary to Visvesvaraya Technological University. The Bureau of Mechanical designing of RV College is the state’s first-degree program in a private foundation to be licensed by the NBA.

For more details contact – +91-6361408761

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