Direct admission in VIT Vellore through management quota

As far as normal activities go, there really is not much difference between normal students and management ones. Classes, grades, FFCS, suffocating college rules and a parochial management is a common gift bestowed upon all souls in VIT.

There are however, some important areas where there are differentiations.

Firstly and most importantly, seat allocation to various branches during admissions. This is the basic premise of management seats, but it is the identity that every student carries for the rest of his or her life. Management students are free to choose their discipline, provided their parents have deep pockets. That is simply a statement of fact, not a criticism.

Secondly, yearly counselling for hostel rooms. Every student in VIT goes through this severely broken system every academic year. However, a lot of management students (basically all NRIs – who have their own quota), get first choice of rooms. They do have to pay a higher fee, but it is a huge perk to be had in VIT. Like everywhere else, real estate is a prime consideration in college.

Finally, management students (especially NRIs) get a bit more leeway when it comes to enforcement of college rules. They can (and have in some cases I’ve personally witnessed) play the management/NRI card to get out of a spot of trouble. It doesn’t always work, but its nice to have a card up your sleeve while dealing with the authorities at VIT.

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